Body fitness is very essential for every human as it helps in maintaining our body functions,

exercise is the major factor in this as it balances our hormones.

As the word fitness implies its simply the ability to stay fit and healthy at all time, keeping

fit is not easy as it requires you to be consistent in whatever you are doing to keep fit like going to the gym always, workout and other keto programs.

Benefit of exercise

.Exercise helps in proving your sexual life.

As a man, regular exercise makes you last longer on bed as it reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction, by giving

you the strength and the ability to do more as for women it increases their sexual arousal.

.Exercise improves mental health.

While exercising our body releases a substance that helps our nerves to relax by keeping us in good

mood which makes us stress-free and also free from depression.

.Regular exercising helps in reducing the risk of cancer such as lung cancer and colon cancer.

.Regular exercise helps to reduce your weight level as you engage the exercise you will notice your weight reduces

because it helps you to burn calories and excess fat.

.Exercise makes it difficult for you to suffer from heart diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, or cardiovascular infections,

as it enables proper blood circulation from the bloodstream.

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